Tips for Amputees

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An Amputee/Prosthetist Offers Advice to Amputees

First of all, ask yourself often; How does the fit of my prosthesis feel? How does the socket feel? Is it too tight? Is it too loose? Do I move too much in the socket?

About 90% of prosthetic problems are related to socket/volume problems. Don't be afraid to try adding a sock or two. Add a sock, it will either be better or too tight.
Never be afraid to ask your prosthetist questions.
Always utilize an ABC certified prosthetist.
Some states now require a prosthetist to be licensed.
A good prosthetist never speaks negatively about any other prosthetist.
There are no stupid questions! All are valid.
A good prosthetist will answer any questions and isn't afraid of patients getting 2nd opinions.
There are many different types of prostheses available and there isn't 1 system for everyone.
There isn't a bad prosthesis, only ill fitting sockets.

An artificial leg is as individual as a fingerprint, no 2 are the same!