SleeveArt® Child Styles

Child sizes $25 Each

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Child Styles: $25.00 Sizes:
Adult Sleeve Covers: $35 Regular Length 17", Sizes:
SleeveArt SHORT, 12 inch Styles: $32.50 SHORT Sizes:
SleeveArt LONG, 20 inch Styles: $38 LONG Sizes:
SleeveArt Full Leg, 26" long Styles: $40.00 AK Full Leg Sizes:
Yellow Minions Frozen Purple
Style: Minions Style: Frozen
Mermaids on Blue Cheeseburgers on Black
Style: Mermaid Style: Cheeseburger
Wonder Woman Little Cars on Grey
Style: Wonder Woman Style: Cars
Superman Spiderman
Style: Superman Style: Spiderman
Colorful Jellybeans Dalmations
Style: Jellybeans Style: Dogs

When ordering short or long SleeveArt®, please allow time for fabrication.

Pricing for child styles SleeveArt® is $25.00, any size. All designs available as BK sleeve cover (17" length) or AK socket cover. Sizing is as follows:

***Prosthetists - Above fabrics are available for your laminating needs, please visit our laminating section for sizes, pricing and tips.***
SleeveArt® is machine washable. Lay flat to dry - DO NOT put in the automatic dryer, it dries the elastic in the fibers.

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