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These special designs are now being offered for only $50 each
either as a prosthetic cover or laminating sleeve, all sizes

Air Force on Flag
New Air Force design

Air Force on Flag Sleeve $50.00:

New Air Force Design $50.00:

Army on Flag
New Army Design design

Army on Flag Sleeve $50.00:

New Army Design $50.00:

Navy on Flag
New Navy Design design

Navy on Flag $50.00:

New Navy Design $50.00:

Marines on Flag
New Marines Design design

Marines on Flag $50.00:

New Marines Design $50.00:

Rippin' Eagle
Warrior design

Rippin Eagle Sleeve $50.00:

Warrior Sleeve $50.00:

The following size chart is meant as a guide. Custom sizing is available, call 954-646-1026 or email

Laminating Sizes: (LS are 16"-17" long)

LS/XS for adult arm or child leg
LS/S for BK socket
LS/M for BK or AK socket
LS/L for AK socket
LS/XL for bulbous AK socket
Prosthetic Cover Sizes: (SSC are 17" long and will cover any brand suspension sleeve)

SSC/SM for BK approx 100-150 lbs
SSC/ML for BK approx 150-225 lbs
SSC/XL for BK approx 225-300 lbs
SSC/XXL for BK over 300 lbs

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