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Here are a few words from people who have tried SleeveArt®:

You guys are the best ever! The design on my new leg is so kick ass. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you............John

My husband is a bka and is a very colorful person. Fred's Legs allows him to keep in touch with his personality through the different designs. I am a customer service rep with 18 years experience and recently one sleeve arrived with the wrong size. The situation was immediately resolved; I cannot say enough for someone to take care of an issue simply because it is the right thing to do. Thanks for being there for us................Lori

My teenage son was ashamed of Mom, the amputee until I put his picture on my socket. Now he wants all of his friends to see Mom's prosthesis. Thank you for the printing service............Gloria

I love your product and your willingness to get things right. You worked very hard to get my skinny adult BK fit. Really appreciate the personal attention............Jeanie

For the first time since her amputation at age 2, our daughter is excited about her leg!! She is 5 now and we are looking forward to enjoying these awesome leg covers in the years to come. Thank you for making a difference in her life............Tanya

Your sleeves are so cool. I like the look a lot better than that grey sleeve. I can't wait to wear all the designs that I bought, they actually make me feel good about myself. Thank you so much for your kindness and personal customer service..........Dean

After my brother came home from Iraq in 2007 we ordered from you, and it made a wonderful, positive difference in his life!.........Sean

I've been an amputee for 3 years now and all 3 of my sockets have been laminated with one of your SleeveArt designs. I get so many compliments and my 2 very small children love the designs. It almost makes being an amputee fun. Thank you so much for this product..........Michelle

I am the wife of a LBK amputee. I'm so proud of my husband, he's my 'miracle man' and he looks very 'studly' in his fire design SleeveArt...........Jane

My son gave me one of your sleeves for Christmas. It's fantastic! Trousers don't ride up on the sock, the sock stays cleaner, and like many others have said, it's a conversation piece as well as being a great piece of art. Well done.........Adrian

I saw on the website that I could enter to win free SleeveArt. I was skeptical, but entered anyway. Wow, I actually won! I got the package, put on the sleeve and everyone at work loves it!.............Jeffrey

I am a double below-the-knee amputee and very active. I ride horses, bicycle and snow shoe. It is critical when wearing long pants that the suspension sleeve must not cling to the inside of my pants. Your slippery SleeveArt has made my mobility much easier, since it has eliminated that cling from long pants. Thank you for this product.........Kenny

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the covers as well as the fit, THEY LOOK GREAT!!! I hope you know how much this helps someone like myself who is self aware and often worries about my appearance. I am pleased to actually show off my prosthetic leg now. Thank you so much for making a BIG difference in my confidence and outlook on being an amputee.......Tim

You were right about wearing the sleeve under my long pants. My jeans ride smoother and my dress pants did not hang up.........Donna

I just wanted to say that the covers are awesome! Can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten already, it's great..........Paul

SleeveArt has assisted an important step in my recovery, as I frequent the gym and need to be in the same space as all the 20-something men. Self esteem/body image issues loom large at the moment for me, as I'm sure with many amps. Your sleeves have made this bad pill easier to swallow...............Elizabeth

I love my SleeveArt so much. I don't go anywhere without one of my SleeveArt designs on. I get lots of looks, usually followed by many nice comments and even long conversations with folks. Your product has brought many smiles to myself, my friends and family and to many others. I know that the SleeveArt has greatly added to my feeling quite OK about having two prosthetic legs .........Patricia

Your SleeveArt has changed me from a boy into a man. Before SleeveArt I wore long pants because I didn't want anybody to see my prosthetic limb. Now, I wear shorts all the time and I'm comfortable. My wife had to buy new shorts for me because all I had were long pants. Thank you for helping me to grow up.............John

I remember the first time I ordered SleeveArt from you. I opened the package and out popped 2 brightly colored tube like things. I took off my long pants, put on the SleeveArt and a pair of shorts, then went to the park with my daughter. It was a beautiful day and I was no longer afraid to be seen with my robot leg. Life was good once again. Your SleeveArt has opened doors for folks who otherwise might have stayed behind those closed doors forever............Francine

My prosthetist finished laminating my socket a couple of weeks ago, and I just can't stop admiring the design. I originally did not want the socket laminated, but later grew to hate the flesh-tone of my prosthesis. So, thank you for such a wonderful service you provide to us amputees. Now people really have something to look at, eh?..............Becky

Thanks for making my life so much more colorful and for getting people to ask about my issues. You are making more people aware and more accepting of those who have handicaps. Keep up the good work and keep on with the colorful styles...........John

I have been an amputee for 24 years. For the first 17 years, nobody spoke to me. Now, it seems that everybody has a comment about my leg. Most times when I go somewhere, there is somebody who wants to talk about my leg. It makes me feel good to hear that people are interested and that they care. SleeveArt is definately an ice breaker and a conversation starter..........Robert

You make the business of having to wear a prosthetic at least fun. People here at work just love to see which sleeve I will be wearing each day, when I wear shorts to work in the summer. I figure that people are going to stare at my prosthetic anyway, so I really have some fun and jazz it up! Thank you.............Diane

I wear your sleeves every day and like to match the SleeveArt to the color of my shorts. I get so many comments, it's just darn fun to wear them. I always did like to be different. I have been an amputee for 36 years and am happy that things have changed. Years ago, nobody would have exposed their artificial limb to the public..........Jackie

I am using your covers all the time and think they provide a great cosmetic improvement. My only regret is not having learned about their availability sooner.............Allyn

I wear a knee brace which needs a sleeve under it. I'm a nurse and don't like the sleeve they provide. I recently tried your sleeve cover under my brace and it's great! I get the compression I need and the warmth is retained to keep my knee from stiffening. My bowling league members and my martial arts teacher gave me a little kidding, but they think it fits my weirdness.........Nancy

I work for the U S Post Office and am in contact with the public on a daily basis. I have gotten nothing but positive comments about this wonderful product. It makes me feel good to know that I have brightened another person's day. I wish your product would have been available years ago when I was on active duty with the Navy, since I'm sure it would have been an asset to my uniform..........Bill

I have been an amputee for 3 years and was embarrassed and ashamed to go around in shorts - NO MORE, thanks to you. I've been invited to an important party Saturday and I'm going to wear my new one..........Peter

I received the new sleeve yesterday and I really love it. I have been decorating my prosthesis with decals, but the sleeve is the ultimate!!..............John

This sounds like the perfect solution to my problem, it is next to impossible to keep my TEC suspension sleeve clean............I've worn them for more than a week now through my normal routine and they have held up quite well.........Peter

I have worn shorts every day since I lost my leg, because it didn't take me long to get sick of pulling up my pant leg to "prove" my handicap to the people harassing me for parking in handicap parking spaces. I really like to show off all of the sleeves that I've gotten from you. Keep up the good work.................John

I wore your SleeveArt over my cosmetically finished leg when I worked in the garden this weekend. Along with a pair of socks and sneakers, my leg stayed perfectly clean..........Robin

I have realized that I was just a plain old stick in the mud when I chose to wear the skin colored sleeves. I am reaching the big 60 at the end of the year and did not realize the pleasure one could get by wearing something other than the skin coloring.......I am sure there are quite a few stick in the muds like me around that are not aware of the freedom of expression your sleeve art would give them............Bernie

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