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Styles on this page updated 6/3/2019

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Images shown approx. 20" x 20"

Colorful Fish Bones Like Fiber Optic Lights Slashes of Aqua, Pink, Yellow
Style: Fish Bones Style: Optic Lights Style: Threads
L V, Brown Blooms on Aqua L V, Denim Jeans
Style: L V, Brown Style: Aqua Bloom Style: L V, Jeans
Dark Wood Tulips Silver Sparkle, Mirror Ball
Style: Dark Wood Style: Tulips Style: Silver Sparkle
Purple Sparkle Blue Sparkle Pink Sparkle
Style: Purple Sparkle Style: Blue Sparkle Style: Pink Sparkle
Field Camouflage Colorful Brick Design Fiery Looking Skulls
Style: Cornfield Camo Style: Bricks Style: Fire Skull
Red Parrot Features on Blue Fur, Leather and Rivets Colorful Fish Scales
Style: Parrot Style: Tuff Style: Fish Scale
Artistic Butterfly Design Groovy Ooze Assorted Flowers, Mixed Bouquet
Style: Abstract Butterfly Style: Groovy Style: Flowers
Mixed Animal Print Colorful Hearts on Black Butterfly Design
Style: (new) Mixed Animal Print Style: Hearts Style: (new) Butterfly
Deep Colored Blooms Colored Crystal Look Bright Colors
Style: Deep Blooms Style: Colored Crystals Style: Eye Popper
U S Flags Blue Denims Camo Crisp Wavy U S Flags
Style: Old Glory Style: Denim Camo Style: U S Flags
Aqua with Peacock Feathers Neon Vapors Grey and Gold Design
Style: Peacock Style: Vapor Style: Sketchy
Colorful Orange Jellyfish Look Pink Ribbons on Black Black with White Lightning Bolts
Style: Jellyfish Style: Pink Ribbons Style: White Lightning
Neon Smoke White and Grey Camo Brown Drip
Style: Neon Smoke Style: Glacier Camo Style: Mudslide Camo
Colorful and Wispy Intricate Knots Water Mosaic Look
Style: Swish Style: Knotty Style: Water Mosaic
Gel Look Deep Colors, Gel Look Neon Colored Static
Style: Gel Style: Deep Gel Style: It's Electric
Shiny Blue Shimmer Shiny Red Shimmer Shiny Green Shimmer
Style: Blue Shimmer (shiny) Style: Red Shimmer (shiny) Style: Green Shimmer (shiny)
Galaxy Wavy Blue on Black Wavy Pink on Black
Style: Galaxy Style: Blue Thread Style: Pink Thread
Coral Reef Grey Fiber Braid Blown Glass Art
Style: Coral Reef Style: Fiber Braid Style: Glass Art
Party Decorated Skulls Animal Print on Aqua Neon Paint
Style: Party Skulls Style: Aqua Beast Style: Paint
Orange Timber Pink Timber Purple Timber
Style: Orange Timber Style: Pink Timber Style: Purple Timber
Brown Leather Palm Trees on black Diamond Plate
Style: Leather Style: Tropic Nights Style: Diamond Plate
Fur Look Wave of Pastels Tye Dye
Style: Fur Style: Shock Wave Style: Tye Dye
Neon Roses Light Wood Spin Art
Style: Roses Style: Light Wood Style: Spin Art
Wavy US Flags Star Spangled Wavy Stars
Style: New Wavy Flags Style: Star Spangled Style: Wavy Stars
Digital Camouflage Dark Green Digital Camouflage Grey Digital Urban Camouflage
Style: Digital Camouflage Style: Digital Mossy Camo Style: Digital Urban Camo
Camouflage Mossy Camouflage Grey Camouflage
Style: Camouflage Style: Mossy Camo Style: Urban Camouflage
Marbelized Camouflage Pink Camouflage Blue Camouflage
Style: Marble Camo Style: Pink Camo Style: Blue Camo
Red and Blue Stars on White Woods, Timber Tan Digital Camouflage
Style: Stars Style: Timber Style: Digital Desert Camo
Danger, Caution Hundred Dollar Bills US Cash
Style: Danger Style: C-Notes Style: Cash
Black Pawprints on White Brown Snakeskin White Pawprints on Black
Style: Paw Prints Style: Snake Style: Paw Prints on Black
Blue Denim Blaze Blue Blaze
Style: Denim Style: Blaze Style: Blue Blaze
Creamy Blue Brown Swirl Pink Berry and Chocolate Swirl Red, White and Blue Swirl
Style: Creamy Swirl Style: Berry Swirl Style: Freedom Swirl
Blue Static Green Static Pink Static
Style: Blue Static Style: Green Static Style: Pink Static
Yellow Static Shiny Colorful Design Shiny Red Foil
Style: Yellow Static Style: Shiny Colors Style: Red Foil
Shiny Silver Foil Shiny Gunmetal Foil Shiny Gold Foil
Style: Silver Foil Style: Gunmetal Foil Style: Gold Foil
Shiny Pink Foil Shiny Blue Foil Shiny Purple Foil
Style: Pink Foil Style: Blue Foil Style: Purple Foil
Splattered Colors Red Static Dalmations on Red
Style: Splatter Style: Red Static Style: Dogs
Mermaid Yellow Minions Frozen Girls
Style: Mermaid Style: Minions Style: Frozen
Cheeseburgers on Black Wonder Woman Little Cars
Style: Cheeseburger Style: Wonder Woman Style: Cars
Superman Insects on Red Spiderman
Style: Superman Style: Insect Style: Spiderman
Various Sports on Black Horses in Green Field
Style: Sports Style: Horses Style: Smiley
Colorful Jellybeans Pale Skin, Nude Skin
Style: Jellybeans Style: Nude Style: Skin
Tan Dark Brown Black
Style: Tan Style: Caribbean Style: Black

The following styles are being discontinued but are still available now.

Shiny Twirly Ribbons of Color on Black Unicorns and Rainbows on Blue Intricate Knots
Style: Ribbon Twirl (shiny) Style: Unicorns Style: Knotty
Red and Black Crackle Starfish on Purple Shiny Silver Weave on Black
Style: Red Crackle Style: Starfish Style: Silver Weave (shiny)
Skulls with Fiery Eyes on Red Skulls with Fiery Eyes on Grey Wood Parquet Design
Style: Skulls on Red Style: Skulls on Grey Style: Wood Parquet
Kaleidoscope Look Peppers Large Trees on Pink
Style: Prism Style: Peppers Style: Pink Trees

Laminating Sleeve Styles
$27.00 Laminating Sleeve Sizes:
Laminating Styles
$22.50 Laminating Sizes:

The standard sizes are 16"-17" in length, are cone-shaped and are unfinished at the top and bottom. The price is $30.00.
Longer, 21" laminating sleeves are available for $2 more. You must ask for 'long' and allow extra time for fabrication.
We also offer the fabric, 20" x 20" square, for $25.

Prosthetic Sizes, $30:
X-Small - Proximal, 9"/Distal, 6" (for adult arm or child leg)
Small - Proximal, 12"/Distal, 7" (mostly for BK)
Medium - Proximal, 15"/Distal, 8" (fits BK or AK)
Large - Proximal, 18"/Distal, 9" (fits most AKs)
X-Large - Proximal, 21"/Distal 10" (for that special patient)

Orthotic Sizes:
Adult KAFO size is 38" long = $40.00
Adult AFO size is 25" long = $30.00
Pediatric KAFO is 24" long = $27.00
Pediatric AFO is 20" long = $25.00
When selecting your size, don't forget that the fabric needs to stretch a little.

One dozen discount is 10%
Solid colors now available. Please call - one week delay.
Hanger clinics, our products are now available through Hanger Direct - search SLEEVEART

Laminating sleeves may be ordered directly through our website, using PayPal payment processing. If your clinic prefers 30 day terms, your order may be called in to 954-646-1026. We also accept orders by fax 941-769-1642 and by email to Adult KAFO laminating sleeves are available for $40.00, please call. We ship with FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Please let us know which service you prefer.

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