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Styles on this page updated 7/14/2018
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Images shown approx. 20" x 20"

Field Camouflage Holographic Shiny Black Fiery Looking Skulls
Style: Cornfield Camo Style: Black Hologram Style: Fire Skull
Red Parrot Features on Blue Fur, Leather and Rivets Fusion of Purples
Style: Parrot Style: Tuff Style: Purple Fusion
Artistic Butterfly Design Groovy Ooze Assorted Flowers, Mixed Bouquet
Style: Abstract Butterfly Style: Groovy Style: Flowers
Mixed Animal Print Colorful Hearts on Black Butterfly Design
Style: (new) Mixed Animal Print Style: Hearts Style: (new) Butterfly
Colorful Fish Scale U S Flags Hefty Trees on Pink Sky
Style: Fish Scale Style: Old Glory Style: Pink Trees
Deep Colored Blooms Colored Crystal Look Bright Colors
Style: Deep Blooms Style: Colored Crystals Style: Eye Popper
Intricate Knots Blue Denims Camo Crisp Wavy U S Flags
Style: Knotty Style: Denim Camo Style: U S Flags
Aqua with Peacock Feathers Neon Vapors Grey and Gold Design
Style: Peacock Style: Vapor Style: Sketchy
Colorful Orange Jellyfish Look Wood Parquet look Black with White Lightning Bolts
Style: Jellyfish Style: Wood Parquet Style: White Lightning
Patriotic Stars on Black White and Grey Camo Brown Drip
Style: Stars on Black Style: Glacier Camo Style: Mudslide Camo
Colorful and Wispy Pink Ribbons on Black Water Mosaic Look
Style: Swish Style: Pink Ribbons Style: Water Mosaic
Gel Look Deep Colors, Gel Look Neon Colored Static
Style: Gel Style: Deep Gel Style: It's Electric
Shiny Blue Shimmer Shiny Red Shimmer Shiny Green Shimmer
Style: Blue Shimmer (shiny) Style: Red Shimmer (shiny) Style: Green Shimmer
Colorful Shiny Twirls on Black Wavy Blue on Black Wavy Pink on Black
Style: Ribbon Twirl (shiny) Style: Blue Thread Style: Pink Thread
Coral Reef Grey Fiber Braid Blown Glass Art
Style: Coral Reef Style: Fiber Braid Style: Glass Art
Paint Splatter Animal Print on Aqua Neon Paint
Style: Splatter Style: Aqua Beast Style: Paint
Galaxy Pink Timber Party Decorated Skulls
Style: Galaxy Style: Pink Timber Style: Party Skulls
Brown Leather Palm Trees on black Diamond Plate
Style: Leather Style: Tropic Nights Style: Diamond Plate
Fur Look Wave of Pastels Tye Dye
Style: Fur Style: Shock Wave Style: Tye Dye
Neon Roses Neon Peace Signs Neon Smoke
Style: Roses Style: Neon Peace Style: Neon Smoke
Pop Art, Black and White Light Wood Spin Art
Style: Pop Art Style: Light Wood Style: Spin Art
Wavy US Flags Star Spangled Wavy Stars
Style: New Wavy Flags Style: Star Spangled Style: Wavy Stars
Digital Camouflage Dark Green Digital Camouflage Grey Digital Urban Camouflage
Style: Digital Camouflage Style: Digital Mossy Camo Style: Digital Urban Camo
Camouflage Mossy Camouflage Grey Camouflage
Style: Camouflage Style: Mossy Camo Style: Urban Camouflage
Marbelized Camouflage Pink Camouflage Blue Camouflage
Style: Marble Camo Style: Pink Camo Style: Blue Camo
Red and Blue Stars on White Woods, Timber Tan Digital Camouflage
Style: Stars Style: Timber Style: Digital Desert Camo
Danger, Caution Hundred Dollar Bills US Cash
Style: Danger Style: C-Notes Style: Cash
Black Pawprints on White Brown Snakeskin White Pawprints on Black
Style: Paw Prints Style: Snake Style: Paw Prints on Black
Blue Denim Blaze Blue Blaze
Style: Denim Style: Blaze Style: Blue Blaze
Creamy Blue Brown Swirl Pink Berry and Chocolate Swirl Red, White and Blue Swirl
Style: Creamy Swirl Style: Berry Swirl Style: Freedom Swirl
Blue Static Red Static Pink Static
Style: Blue Static Style: Red Static Style: Pink Static
Yellow Static Green Static Shiny Red Foil
Style: Yellow Static Style: Green Static Style: Red Foil
Shiny Silver Foil Shiny Gunmetal Foil Shiny Gold Foil
Style: Silver Foil Style: Gunmetal Foil Style: Gold Foil
Shiny Pink Foil Shiny Blue Foil Shiny Purple Foil
Style: Pink Foil Style: Blue Foil Style: Purple Foil
Mermaid Yellow Minions Frozen Girls
Style: Mermaid Style: Minions Style: Frozen
Cheeseburgers on Black Wonder Woman Little Cars
Style: Cheeseburger Style: Wonder Woman Style: Cars
Superman Insects on Red Spiderman
Style: Superman Style: Insect Style: Spiderman
Various Sports on Black Horses in Green Field
Style: Sports Style: Horses Style: Smiley
Dalmations on Red Black and White Cats on Aqua Unicorns and Rainbows on Blue
Style: Dogs Style: Kitties Style: Unicorns
Shiny Gold Flames Pale Skin, Nude Skin
Style: Gold Flames Style: Nude Style: Skin
Tan Dark Brown Black
Style: Tan Style: Caribbean Style: Black

The following styles are being discontinued but are still available now.

Red and Black Crackle Shiny Confetti look Timber Design with Orange Sky
Style: Red Crackle Style: Confetti (shiny) Style: Orange Timber
Skulls with Fiery Eyes on Red Skulls with Fiery Eyes on Grey G C Design
Style: Skulls on Red Style: Skulls on Grey Style: G C, Black on White
Kaleidoscope Look Peppers L V Design
Style: Prism Style: Peppers Style: L V, Brown
Colorful Jellybeans Coins Fishy
Style: Jellybeans Style: Coins Style: Fishy

Laminating Sleeve Styles
$22.50 Laminating Sleeve Sizes:
Laminating Styles
$18.00 Laminating Sizes:

The standard sizes are 16"-18" in length, are cone-shaped and are unfinished at the top and bottom. The price is $25.00.
Longer, 21" laminating sleeves are available for $2 more. You must ask for 'long' and allow extra time for fabrication.
We also offer the fabric, 20" x 20" square, for $20.

Prosthetic Sizes, $25:
X-Small - Proximal, 9"/Distal, 6" (for adult arm or child leg)
Small - Proximal, 12"/Distal, 7" (mostly for BK)
Medium - Proximal, 15"/Distal, 8" (fits BK or AK)
Large - Proximal, 18"/Distal, 9" (fits most AKs)
X-Large - Proximal, 21"/Distal 10" (for that special patient)

Orthotic Sizes:
Adult KAFO size is 38" long = $35.00
Adult AFO size is 25" long = $25.00
Pediatric KAFO is 24" long = $22.00
Pediatric AFO is 20" long = $20.00
When selecting your size, don't forget that the fabric needs to stretch a little.

One dozen discount is 10%
Solid colors now available. Please call - one week delay.
Hanger clinics, our products are now available through Hanger Direct - search SLEEVEART

Laminating sleeves may now be ordered directly through our website, using PayPal payment processing. If your clinic prefers 30 day terms, your order may be called in to 954-646-1026. Adult KAFO laminating sleeves are available for $35.00, please call. If you require a shipping method other than UPS Ground, please make note of it. If you remit through PayPal, your office will be invoiced for the difference in the shipping cost.

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