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$35.00 each regular size
or Short $32.50, Long BK $38.00 or AK Full Leg $40.00

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Child Styles: $25 Child Size:
Adult Sleeve Covers: $35 Regular Length 17", Sizes:
SleeveArt SHORT, 12 inch Styles: $32.50 SHORT Sizes:
SleeveArt LONG, 20 inch Styles: $38 LONG Sizes:
SleeveArt Full Leg, 26" long Styles: $40.00 AK Full Leg Sizes:
Field Camouflage Fiery Skulls
Style: Cornfield Camo Style: Fire Skull
Bright Blue and Red Parrots Tough Viking Look
Style: Parrots Style: Tuff
Flowers, Mixed Bouquet Abstract Butterfly Design
Style: Flowers Style: Abstract Butterfly
Orange Green Swirl Sparkley Pink
Style: Groovy Style: Pink Sparkle

When ordering short or long SleeveArt®, please allow time for fabrication.

Pricing for regular SleeveArt® is $35.00. All designs available as BK sleeve cover (17" length) or AK socket cover. BK style will be sent unless otherwise requested. Regular length sleeve covers are stocked. Short (12 inch) and long (20 inch) styles available for $32.50 and $38. Please allow extra time for fabrication of the short or long sleeves. Child size is $25.00. BK Sizing is as follows:

***Prosthetists - Above fabrics are available for your laminating needs, please visit our new laminating section for sizes, pricing and tips.***

SleeveArt® is machine washable, add it to your laundry. It may be automatically dryed, but will last longer if you simply lay it somewhere to dry. SleeveArt® is GUARANTEED! Any new, unused product may be returned for a full refund, just ask.

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