SleeveArt® Prosthetic Covers Party Styles

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$35.00 each regular size
or Short $32.50, Long BK $38.00 or AK Full Leg $40.00

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Child Styles: $25 Child Size:
Adult Regular 17" long Party Styles: $35 Regular Length Sizes:
SHORT, 12 inch Styles: $32.50 SHORT Sizes:
LONG, 20 inch Styles: $38 LONG BK Sizes:
AK Full Leg, 26" Styles: $40.00 AK Full Leg Sizes:

These styles are sparkley, glittery or holographic.

Sparkley Purple Sparkley Pink
Style: Purple Sparkle Style: Pink Sparkle
Red Shimmer, Sparkle Green Shimmer, Sparkle
Style: Red Shimmer Style: Green Shimmer
Blue Shimmer, Sparkle Shiny Gold Flames on Black
Style: Blue Shimmer Style: Gold Flames
Shiny Colorful Liquid Looking Pastel Swirl
Style: Liquid Style: Pastel Swirl

When ordering short or long SleeveArt®, please allow time for fabrication.

SleeveArt® is machine washable, add it to your laundry. It may be automatically dryed, but will last longer if you simply lay it somewhere to dry. SleeveArt is GUARANTEED! Any new, unused product may be returned for a full refund, just ask.

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