SleeveArt® Custom Patriotic Styles

Biker/ Military/ Animals/ Feminine/ Religious/ Miscellaneous/ Backgrounds/ Custom Home

Feel free to add a background to your image at no extra charge

Also, we can print any image from our laminating styles page, as your background.

Style: Eagle 1 Style: Eagle 2 Style: Eagle 8
Style: Eagle 3 Style: Eagle 4 Style: Eagle 5
Style: Eagle 6 Style: Eagle 7 Style: Rippin' Eagle
Style: Coming Soon Style: Patriotic Girl Style: Coming Soon

Patriotic Styles: $60 Laminating Sleeve:
Patriotic Styles: $65 Regular Size Cover:
Patriotic Styles: $68 BK Long Sleeve Cover, 20":
Patriotic Styles: $72.50 AK Full Leg Cover, 26" long:

Your selection will be printed on white unless otherwise specified. Please allow one week for processing custom print orders. To select a background or to add text, please add a note with your PayPal payment or send an e-mail to If you are sending a photo or artwork, please send to Thank you.

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