A Warning to our SleeveArt® Friends

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Since so many of you have complained to us, we have decided to post the following warning:

-Beware of buying from an internet company that does not list a telephone number on their website.
-Beware of buying from an internet company that does not list an address on their website.
-Beware of buying anything prosthetic from a vendor that does not list the name of a Certified Prosthetist on their staff.
-Beware of cheap imitations. Vendors advertising sleeve art are trying to trick you with deceptive advertising. SleeveArt® is only available through Fred's Legs, Inc.
-Be aware of shipping costs. We want you to be a smart shopper.

Now, a word about PayPal and other bank websites

-Never click links in an email that requests personal information from you.
-Many phishers and scammers send out emails that look like they are from banks or credit card companies, including PayPal.
-Never go to any bank website or PayPal through a link from an email.

Be smart. Protect yourself.

Fred's Legs does not share your personal information. We do not sell, trade or give any information to any outside party.

Frederick 'Kurt' Pauloz, CP,LP
Joanne Pauloz - 954-646-1026
North Port, Florida