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You can easily find your own unique design for your new prosthetic cover or laminating sleeve. Here are some tips:

1 - Search for your image. Go to your favorite search engine and command a search similar to this - free images american eagle

2 - View the images provided. Large files are better than small files for this because a small image file will become fuzzy when enlarged. Find an image that you like.

3 - Save the image to your computer. Place your cursor on the image and right click. You will see an option to 'save as', click that and give the image a name and know the file path where you are saving it in your computer. If you cannot 'save as' anything, then that image is not free. Choose another, there are plenty of free images on the internet.

4 - Send an email to Attach the image and send us a note. Let us know if you are BK or AK or BE or AE, and if you are looking for a prosthetic cover or a laminating sleeve. Your height and weight are also helpful in determining your comfortable size. Lastly, provide a phone# or tell us how to contact you for payment.

We hope this helps. Have fun searching for images.

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