SleeveArt for Amputees (since 2001)

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Dare to be Different!

SleeveArt is an exciting, new cover for the prosthesis or knee sleeve. SleeveArt was developed by a Prosthetist who is himself, an amputee. His concept is that a prosthesis can be not only functional but also fashionable. Made from the highest quality Spandex and Lycra, each SleeveArt design has been hand selected to offer a variety of brilliant designs to express your mood and personality. Now, we offer custom designs, so the possibilities are endless. The prosthetic suspension sleeve covers are easily removable and machine washable. An added bonus, the SleeveArt covers aid with mobility because their slippery feel helps long pants to slide easily over the prosthetic leg. It eliminates the problem of prosthetic/pants sticking.

Our laminating sleeves are offered from the same fabrics and are available to O & P clinics for laminating prosthetic sockets or rigid AFO's. Adding an interesting design to a prosthetic socket is like an art project and now that we offer custom designs, the possibilities are endless.

***MISSION STATEMENT*** To help all amputees to look and feel better.