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10% discount when paid with your credit card at the time of order.
Internet pricing will reflect this discount, also applies to telephone orders paid by credit card when ordering.

Adult KAFO size is 38" long = $40.00
Adult AFO size is 25" long = $30.00
Pediatric KAFO is 24" long = $27.00
Pediatric AFO is 20" long = $25.00

Adult AFO laminated with Splatter
For more info on this AFO, go to BPM Fabrications
Not for plastic AFO's Adult AFO laminated with Blue Static
For more info on this AFO, go to

All of our SleeveArt® products are proudly made in the USA.

SleeveArt® is being enjoyed worldwide. We now have satisfied customers in Canada, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Israel, Australia, South Africa and Mexico.
SleeveArt® is distributed to prosthetic clinics and hospitals throughout the US by Fred's Legs, Inc. - Hanger clinics, our products are now available through Hanger Direct - search SLEEVEART.
Orders placed after 1 PM will ship the following business day
We accept major credit cards through Pay Pal, by FAX, and by telephone.

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