Sleeve Savers

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SleeveArt® Sleeve Savers - $15.00 each

Sleeve Saver

The sleeve saver was developed to preserve and prolong the gel lining of certain prosthetic suspension sleeves. By positioning a piece of fabric between the socket and the gel lining of the suspension sleeve, the sleeve saver protects the gel lining from the proximal edges of the socket, thus extending the life of the suspension sleeve. Sleeve savers are approximately 6" long and are unfinished at the top and bottom. Four basic sizes seem to fit everybody, small, medium, large and x-large. They are quite durable, lasting well beyond 1 year and they are machine washable. They are fabricated from our heavy duty black spandex.

Sleeve Saver $15.00
Sleeve Saver 10 pack $125.00

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