Laminated Sleeves

We know how valuable your time is at O & P clinics. Whether you are a technician or a certified prosthetist, there simply never seems to be enough time in the day. Why spend your time ironing out wrinkles in a shirt, or sizing up images on your molds to create that custom look for your patients? With Fred’s Legs, our laminated sleeve products are created to assist you with these very issues. Our products offer a 4 way stretch which conforms much more accurately over your molding. Unlike cotton shirt products, our laminated sleeves are wrinkle free and easily stretch. Our laminated sleeves also fit more easily over any shape or size, no matter how small or big the prosthetic.

Fred’s Legs Laminated Sleeves

  • 4 Way Stretch Technology
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Easily Stretches
  • Conforms to Mold
  • Fits Over any Shape or Size
  • Time Saver!
  • Large Variety of Styles and Patterns for any Taste
  • Custom Printed Images - we set up the images based off your specs

Prosthetic Covers

Our Prosthetic Covers are manufactured with the same quality materials as our laminated sleeve products. We offer multiples sizes, lengths, and styles to ensure every amputee can find the right cover for their liking. Custom sizes are also available, usually at no additional cost! Fred’s Legs Prosthetic Covers are removable and washable. Simply wash with your usual laundry! We offer a multitude of various styles and patterns for every occasion. Custom images and photos can also be added to our cover products as well.

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